About us     

At TooWood  Interiors, we are a team of creative consultants, innovative designers, commited carpenters and passionate painters.  Collectively we bring experience of over 60 years to every project we undertake.


Over the years, our work has spoken for itself.  We proudly own a legacy of  Beautifully Designed Homes, Optimally

utilized Commercial Spaces, Personalized Pieces of Furniture, Budgeted Modular Kitchens and Spacious Wardrobes.


We design your space in such a way that it reflects your personallity and flaunts your very being.


Our happy customers vouch for us, and this is our driving force; as we ultimately thrive on customer delight.


Planning your den like a lion or building your nest like a bird? Let us innovate :) 



Our Master Carpenter has over 25 years of experience in carpentry,  he still believes 


"the old touch will always shine through, even if the tools are electric "

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